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REFLEKT Virtual Booth






Business Development Manager, RE'FLEKT 

Michael Amrehn is a Business Development Manager at RE'FLEKT based in the Munich Headquarters. 
Before joining RE´FLEKT, he worked 4 1/2 years at Siemens Mobile Phones in both Germany and the United States, 2 years in the department of innovations at Deutsche Post as well as more than 10 years at Microsoft as Solutions Sales Professional and Business Development Manager. 



Marketing & Communications Manager, RE'FLEKT

Harry Hulme is Team Lead for global marketing activities at RE'FLEKT. Coming from the Strategic Communications and Public Relations sectors, Harry specializes in Digital & Brand based Marketing. With a deep passion for technology, and over 4 years in the AR field, he has quickly grown to become a thought leader in topics around digitalisation and the use of AR technology in the industrial sectors. 


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REFLEKT ONE is the first scalable augmented reality platform that enables companies to independently create their own augmented reality applications. The award-winning platform lets companies create visuals and guides on smartphones, tablets, and data glasses to simplify production, training, maintenance, and repair. REFLEKT ONE's advanced technology leverages existing design, design and documentation data and transforms it into interactive 2D and 3D visualizations for real-time viewing on real objects. REFLEKT ONE integrates with existing IT infrastructures and is "IoT Ready", enabling industrial enterprises to retrieve and display real-time sensor data. Learn more...

About REFLEKT Remote

REFLEKT REMOTE is the "one-button solution" that connects technicians on site with the right support experts and allows real-time video support with augmented reality. RE'FLEKT's intelligent routing technology identifies and connects technicians directly with a support expert - via smartphone, tablet or data glasses. The expert can assist the field technician by simply drawing steps or placing visual instructions; the visual engineer sees the visual direct in his field of vision. The platform provides technicians with access to a global database of issues already resolved to accelerate repair and maintenance processes. REFLEKT REMOTE significantly improves maintenance, repair and support processes and reduces costs for local experts. Learn more...