What is included in the REFLEKT ONE Software Package?

The following software is included in your REFLEKT ONE Software Package.



Download REFLEKT ONE Package:

The download package is distributed by the Rollout Manager via the REFLEKT ONE (2/3) rollout e-mail. 


If the information or e-mail was not received, please contact your REFLEKT ONE Rollout Manager.


Within the REFLEKT ONE Package you will receive:

  • REFLEKT ONE Author - for creating projects (UWP)
  • REFLEKT ONE Sync - for creating tracking configurations (UWP, MacOS)
  • REFLEKT ONE Viewer - to visualize your work (iOS, Android, UWP, HoloLens)
  • Third-party software package Cortona3D RapidAuthor


Cortona3D includes:

  • RapidAuthor.exe (including RapidManual)
  • Rapid JT Component.exe / Rapid Data Converter.exe
  • AR Specification Component.exe

Laptop& Tablet