Step-by-Step Installation Guide of REFLEKT ONE Package

In this article, you find all needed information for the entire installation process of the REFLEKT ONE Package.

For a smooth start with REFLEKT ONE, we recommend that you visit our REFLEKT-ONE-Setup page and watch the video and download the installation files from there.

Or watch it here: 

HubSpot Video

REFLEKT ONE Setup page:



Alternatively, below you can find detailed installation documentation for each step. 

Note: the detailed installation documentation is applicable for up to version 3.8. of REFLEKT ONE. For all newer versions, please refer to the setup page and the corresponding video.


1. Cortona3D Installation

     1.1 RapidAuthor

     1.2 RapidJTComponent / RapidDataConverter

     1.3 AR Specification

     1.4 Transmitting the Host ID

     1.5 License types

              1.5.1 Activating Node-Locked License (if installing on physical machine)

              1.5.2 Activating Floating License (if installing on virtual machine)

2. REFLEKT ONE Author Installation

3. REFLEKT ONE Sync Installation