What are the requirements for white labeling?

This article gives you an overview of different ways of rebranding REFLEKT Remote, allowing you to create a white-labeled REFLEKT Remote app.



For re-branding or specific branding changes within the scope of white labeling solutions of REFLEKT Remote, you need to provide us with some more information. To understand what information we require from you for which branding adjustments, please refer to the overview below.



The following table contains all the requirements for re-branding or branding changes:

1 Application name App name

Will be used inside the application as title and as application name on the home screen of the device.

 NOTE: The name will be truncated if too long.

2 Main color HEX code

Used for buttons and active state of icons as well as own chat bubbles.
Bright colors cannot be supported due to white text.

3 Secondary color HEX code

The accent color of the app. For example used for status indicators. 

4 Tertiary color HEX code

The second accent color. For example used for notification banners for in-app notifications. 

5 Fourth color HEX code

Can be used for login, splash screen, forgot password and loading screen.

6 Company logo File + file name

Will be used for the splash screen of the application. 
Format: SVG with no embedded PNG

7 Application icon File + file name

Will be used as application icon on the home screen of the device. 
Format: SVG with no embedded PNG (needs to be a square and have a background color)

8 Privacy policy URL URL

Needed for reference in the app whenever personal data is entered.