How can I view the Access Codes history?

This article explains how to check the history of access codes that you have generated in the REFLEKT Remote app.


Follow these steps to view all your previously generated access codes in the app:

1. Open REFLEKT Remote and navigate to your profile screen by clicking your profile icon in the upper left corner of the main screen.


2. On your profile screen, click on the tab GUEST ACCESS CODES.

3. The access code history lists all access codes that were created by yourself. The history follows a chronological order with the last generated access code at the top.


From the access code history, you can read ...

  • ... the access code number
  • ... the Area of the associated incident and guest user
  • ... the access code's generation date
  • ... the access code's activation date

An access code is activated as soon as a guest user has successfully logged in using this access code. Activated codes are highlighted with a green check-mark.

Please note that an access code can only be activated once. If you would like to know how to generate a new access code, you can read more here.