How do I log in to REFLEKT Remote with a companion device?

Here you find an explanation of how to log in to REFLEKT Remote with a companion device like the Vuzix (M300, M300XL or M400) or the RealWear (HMT-1 or HMT-1Z1).



Smart glasses like the Vuzix or the RealWear can be seen as companion devices instead of standalone devices. This means they need to be paired to a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, desktop) that runs the full REFLEKT Remote application.

The following paragraph describes the required steps for logging in to REFLEKT Remote with a companion device.




1. Ensure that you've installed REFLEKT Remote on your smart glasses.

2. Log in to your REFLEKT Remote account with your mobile device. Read more about this here.

3. On your mobile device: Go to the profile settings in the REFLEKT Remote application by tapping on your profile picture inside the application.


4. Click on companion device followed by Generate QR code and a QR code will be displayed.

5. On your smart glasses: Open the REFLEKT Remote app and click on the login button. Scan the QR code which is displayed on the screen of your hand-held device with the camera lens of the smart glasses.


  • For more information about navigating on Vuzix, read here.
  • For more information about navigating on RealWear, read here.

6. When the devices are paired, the smart glasses will state that you are now connected to your application.


Now you are ready to use the REFLEKT Remote application with your smart glasses.