What are realms and multi brand support?

This article will give you an explanation of the multi brand concept of REFLEKT Remote and how it can be used for a company.



In many cases, companies do not only offer their products under one but rather under multiple brands (i.e. depending on the quality or service offerings). In addition, companies are often active in multiple countries. Because of that, your company may have the requirement to have support for multiple brands as well as multiple regions. To meet this requirement, REFLEKT Remote incorporates the concept of realms.

A realm is basically a combination of a brand and a region (i.e. Brand One + Asia). It can be seen as a virtual container for users and incidents inside REFLEKT Remote. When realm support is enabled, a technician, expert and incident will always be assigned to at least one realm and only be visible to users within the same realm. Realms are intended to provide a fundamental separation of incidents to prevent incidents from popping up at experts that are not capable of providing meaningful help. For example, incidents from technicians speaking one language should not appear in the incident queue of experts speaking a different language. The same holds true for multiple brands as an expert for one product or brand may not be able to work on incidents for another product or brand.





Realms are not suitable or necessary for every use case. Hence, before thinking about setting up multiple realms, you should ask yourself the following questions first:

1. Is my company active in multiple regions?

1.1 Are technicians always operating in one region only?

1.2 Are some experts only in charge of a certain region? (i.e. due to the language or regional differences)

2. Does my company have multiple products or brands? Would I like to intensify the external representation of my remote services with several branded apps?  

2.1 Are technicians always responsible for one product or brand only?

2.2 Are experts only responsible for some of the products or brands?

If one of the question and all of its sub-questions hold true for your use case, you can start to think about which realms you need inside REFLEKT Remote. Therefore, read the following paragraph.





As said, there are several conditions under which it makes sense to create a realm. We recommend to create a separate realm, whenever there are:

  1. Language differences between regions
  2. Regional product characteristics
  3. Multiple products
  4. Different brands for a similar product

Example: To picture the use case, imagine your company is a manufacturer of equipment components in different countries. Your experts are only able to speak a single language. In this case you want to have the following realms:

(Brand + Region)

  • inOEM + Germany
  • inOEM + Spain
  • inOEM + USA
  • inOEM + Italy





Technicians can only be assigned to a single realm, whereas experts can serve multiple technicians across different realms. By default, an incident will always have the same realm as the technician who created the incident and hence will only be visible to experts which are assigned to the same realm as the technician. 

As each technician can only have one dedicated realm, you first have to figure out, for which product or brand and in which region a technician is in charge. After that, you assign the technician to the realm that represents this region and product/brand.

For experts, you have more possibilities of assigning them to realms. If an expert is only responsible for a single region and product/brand, he should be assigned to this specific realm only. However, if the expert is for example responsible for the same product in multiple regions, he can be assigned to all the required regional realms of his dedicated product/brand.

PLEASE NOTE: Once a realm is assigned to a technician or expert, it can't be removed afterwards. This also means that realms of technicians can never be changed (as they can only have a single realm). On the other hand, additional realms can be added to experts afterwards but not be removed again.



In a setup with multiple realms, an incident will always be assigned to the exact realm the creator of the incident had. The incident will then only be visible to the experts that are assigned to the same realm as the incident. All other experts won't be able to see and work on the incident.

In addition, realms also define the visibility of users. Once a technician is assigned to a realm, only experts that are assigned to the same realm are able to see him in the app. Experts from different realms won't be able to see or add the technician to the contacts.





Currently, realms can only be created by RE'FLEKT. If you need new realms, please use the REFLEKT Remote Service Desk to request them or inform your dedicated rollout manager.



*Brands are fictitious and only used as examples for picturing the use case.