What are the limitations of Guest Access?

Guest users are not able to use all features of REFLEKT Remote. This article provides an overview of the limitations of Guest Access compared to regular users.


Once guest users have joined the REFLEKT Remote app with an access code, they will be presented with the main screen. On this screen, guest users can access only the  incident which has been created in association with the access code.


IMPORTANT: Guest users cannot create additional incidents.




On their profile screen, guest users will see some of the regular menu items being greyed out. As guest users do not require an account to be able to log in to the app, there is no account data visible.


IMPORTANT: Guest users cannot manage their account data or change their password.




Inside the app, guest users will be informed about the time limit of their access to the app. A banner on the main screen informs them about their remaining access time as shown below.




IMPORTANT: As soon as the time limit expires, the guest user will be logged out of REFLEKT Remote and cannot access the incident anymore. 


Guest users can also log out of the app manually before the time limit expires. If they do so, they will be informed that any information exchanged in the incident cannot be accessed anymore after logout. The same applies to the deinstallation of the REFLEKT Remote app.