How do I use callouts?

This article helps you to use callouts in your scenarios.



Using standard callouts or xml callouts can help you to mark or highlight certain components of your 3D object with a "name tag" or a short description or additional data/values connected to the component by a line.

Note: the 'Standard Callout' will no longer be available in the future, so we recommend switching to the XML Callouts already now. 



You can start using callouts by following these steps:

  1. Select the POI/component you want to add a callout to. This represents the anchor point for your callout.
  2. Double-click the callout item you want to use in the object gallery. A callout will be added to the scenario.
    1. ObjectGallery_callouts-1Standard callout: shows simple text (3. a.)
    2. XML callout: referenced to content in the document editor (3. b.)

  3. An Edit window will open or right click on the item and click Edit Parameters.
    1. Standard callout
      Now you can adjust the callout parameters through typing in the text for your callout, adapting the reference line length or changing the appearance (color of the text and background color of the label etc.).

    2. XML callout:
      NOTE: XML Callout is only available as of Cortona 3D RapidAuthor 13.1.

      Now you can set an ID for the callout. Then go to the Document Editor and add a separate <p> element into your info/poidesc and give it a unique id in its attributes. Mark the outputclass with the xml-callout value. See picture:
  4. After you have chosen the appearance of your callout, click Apply and then OK.
  5. Then set the position of the callout/anchor point - either right-click the specific component in the item tree and select Set position... or click the icon in the icon bar at the top.

Now your callout should be displayed according to your preferences. 




With the introduction of the REFLEKT ONE Viewer 3.4 the Callout background and 

font colors are controlled by the Viewer and corresponding threshold values. This means that authors no longer have to worry about color settings for Callouts in Cortona3D RapidManual. The Appearance tab in the Callout Parameter Window can therefore be ignored as shown below.



Tip: you can find the default RE'FLEKT object gallery here.