How do I use the Analyze & Record features?

This article explains how to use the Analyze & Record features in REFLEKT ONE Sync.



The Analyze & Record features give you the possibility to record image sequences directly via the REFLEKT ONE Sync app (iOS only), as well as testing suitability of an object for tracking. Recording via this method also guarantees a better quality of the recording itself.



To use the Analyze & Record features, continue as follows:

  1. Open REFLEKT ONE Sync.
  2. Click Load/Create Tracking Config in the top left-hand corner.

    Sync_Start Load Create Config-1
  3. Select Analyze & Record.

    Sync_Analyze Record



Using the Record Feature inside the app for recording image sequences, the quality of the recordings is improved because the intrinsic camera parameters are saved, too. 

To start the recording, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Recording controls panel.

Sync_recording controls

2. Click the Start Recording button. You can stop it by clicking again. 


  • Recorded image sequences via Analyze & Record can directly be selected and played in the Test & Adapt mode to test existing tracking configurations. 
  • Image sequences recorded on mobile devices can be exported and shared just like tracking configurations. 



The analyze feature can be used to test whether an object is suitable for tracking. When activated, it shows the edge image of the object and its environment. 


To start the analyzing, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Analyzing controls panel.

Sync_analyzing controls

2. Click the Start Analyzing button. You can stop it by clicking again.



Via the Edgefilter Threshold slider you can define if only strong, prominent edges should be shown or if also the weak edges should be visible.

  • If a high value is set in the slider, only strong edges (therefore less) are shown on the screen. If a low value is set, only weak edges (thus more) are shown.
  • An object is best suited for tracking if there are still relatively many edges to be seen on the image at a relatively high value.

Additionally, you can switch between Filtered and Regular mode:

Filtered: edge image of the object is shown

Regular: normal camera image is shown


REFLEKT ONE Sync app is currently only available for iOS and is still in experimental status. So if you are interested in the app, please contact us via our Service Desk.

(25. of March 2020)