How do I start an audio call?

Here you find a description of how to start a call with REFLEKT Remote.



All calls are started with audio-only first. The video can be switched on additionally. For more details on how to do this, click here.

Based on the number of participants, calls are individual one-on-one calls or group calls with up to four participants.





To start an audio call, follow these steps:

1. Open the incident main screen.

2. Select the incident for which you want to initiate a call.

3. Tap on the phone symbol in the right-hand corner of the incident chat.


The call will be made.

NOTE: A call can only be initiated if the incident shows the status in progress.



In an audio (or video) call, you can Mute/Unmute your microphone and switch the audio output between Loudspeaker/Speaker (depending on the device capabilities). Also, external microphones or external speakers can be used in an audio (or video) call.  



To mute or unmute your microphone, click on the microphone icon on the call screen.


NOTE: A muted microphone is indicated by a black and white, crossed out icon. If the microphone is turned on, the icon will be displayed in color.



You can switch between the regular speaker on your phone and the loudspeaker by clicking on the speaker icon.


NOTE: When the regular speaker is turned on, the speaker icon will only display one filled bar. If the loudspeaker is turned on, all bars are filled out.


External Microphone/External Speakers:

REFLEKT Remote supports the most common headphones and microphones. Any external device should be connected to your device before starting the call. The speaker symbol will indicate if your external device has been recognized.

If your external device was not recognized, please end the call, check input and output sources in your system settings and re-start the call.

For Windows, bluetooth headsets must be selected as the system default device in Windows before starting a call, otherwise they will not be recognized.


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