How do I navigate on a Vuzix device?

Here you find some information about navigating on Vuzix (M300, M300XL or M400) smart glasses.



In case you are not familiar with navigating on Vuzix smart glasses yet, this article gives you a short introduction. It explains the different types of navigation for using REFLEKT Remote on Vuzix. For a further and more detailed explanation please consult the Vuzix support page.

NOTE: REFLEKT Remote for Vuzix Glasses does not support voice commands.




This graphic explains the buttons of the Vuzix device relevant for navigating within REFLEKT Remote.


Vuzix Navigation buttons




The three buttons needed for navigating and using the Vuzix smart glasses are described below. Each button has distinguished functions depending on how long you press it.


  • Select/Return Button
    • Short press: Launch, open, or initiate the current selection
    • Long press: Return to the previous screen


  • Back/Home Button
    • Short press: Move the selection back in a list or to the prior menu item
    • Long press: Return to the Home (Carousel) screen


  • Forward/Options Button
    • Short press: Move the selection forward in a list or to the next menu item
    • Long press: Access the context menu associated with the current selection


An alternative navigation for the Vuzix glasses is the swipe pad (as shown in the image above). You can navigate forwards and backwards inside menus or applications by moving your finger across the pad, from the front to the back or vice versa. Swiping to the top/bottom can be used for scrolling. Double-tapping the swipe pad has the same effect as short pressing the "select" button, it opens up the current selection.


All this information is taken from the Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses User Manual, Version 1.0 and the Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses User Manual, Version 1.0.