How can I monitor the usage of access codes?

This article explains where to find the history of access codes generated and used in your tenant.


Open the Admin Portal and navigate to the section Licenses. You will be presented with the category Guest Access Package.

In this category, you can monitor the status of available access codes and your access code history.



Similar to the license package for Experts and Technicians, the bar indicates your usage status of access codes. In this example, we have ...

  • ... a maximum of 30 access codes available in the Guest Access package
  • ... three access codes that have already been created by the users
  • ... one of the three access codes that has already been activated by a guest user to join an incident




The access code history lists all access codes which have been generated by your Experts across all Areas.

From the access code history, you can read ...

  • ... the access code number
  • ... the Area of the associated expert, incident and guest user
  • ... the access code's generation date
  • ... the access code's activation date

An access code is activated as soon as a guest user has successfully logged in using this access code. Activated codes are highlighted in green. Please note that an access code can only be activated once. 


To gain a better understanding of how access codes are used in your company, you can consider the following questions:

  • Is there a specific Area in which access codes are used quite frequently?
  • Are there any peeks with a lot of access codes being requested at the same day?
  • Are access codes always activated right after they have been created? Or could you support your guest users to install the REFLEKT Remote app to join the incident?


NOTE: If you run out of access codes, please reach out to your account manager or contact the REFLEKT Remote Service Desk.