How do I log in to the Admin Portal?

This article explains how to login to the REFLEKT Remote Admin Portal as an admin.



1. Open the admin portal by clicking on the following link: You will get to the login page.

NOTE: The link to your admin portal may vary if you are on a separate instance.

2. Enter the credentials (e-mail address, password) you received from RE'FLEKT. If you have not received them yet, please contact your IT manager or the REFLEKT Remote Service Desk


  • To save your account information for your next login, select the Remember me box before signing in.
  • We do not recommend to activate this when using shared / public computers to access the Admin Portal.

3. Click the Log In button.

Admin Portal Login

4. (Optional) If you have active users on more than one tenant (=environment to which users can be registered), you have to select the specific tenant you want to enter from the dropdown menu. 

5. After selecting a tenant, click Enter to access the admin portal.