How do I install the REFLEKT ONE Viewer?

This article explains where to download and how to install REFLEKT ONE Viewer on your device.



Before installing the REFLEKT ONE Viewer you have to download it first. You can find the REFLEKT ONE Viewer in the appropriate app stores, just search for REFLEKT ONE Viewer or click the appropriate button below, depending on the device/operating system you use. It will lead you to its store to download the app there.

Download REFLEKT ONE Viewer:


iOS apple appstore
Android google play_rounded-02
Windows app center button-rounded
HoloLens microsoft store-button


From Release 3.4+ Microsoft HoloLens 1 will not be supported anymore.

Click the Download button to start the download. Allow the app to make changes to your device. When downloaded, double-click the file and follow the instructions to install it. 


After installation you can test the app with our demo scenario or connect it to your published AR content. For further information please read the following article:

Tablet: How can I connect to published content with REFLEKT ONE Viewer?

HoloLens: How do I visualise published AR content on HoloLens?