How do I install RapidAuthor?

The following article will guide you through the installation process for Cortona3D RapidAuthor.

You are searching for the installation files? Then visit the setup page: 

REFLEKT-ONE-Setup page



The steps involved are as follows:

1.  Double-click RapidAuthor_Vx64.exe to start the Setup wizard.

2.  A language selection window will appear where you can choose a language

     and click OK.

3.  Continue by clicking the Next button.

If a Windows message pops up, you will need to allow this app to make changes to your computer.

4.   Please read the license agreement carefully and accept the terms in order

      to continue with the setup.

5.   Click on the Next button to begin the installation.

At least 1,4 GB of free disk is required.



8.   After the installation is completed click the Finish button and continue with

      the installation of Rapid JT component/Rapid Data Converter.

      The process is described here.RapidAuthor_4

9.  Last but not least, check if you already have Java installed, if not:

for proper use of the REFLEKT ONE software, you need Java. Please download the latest Java version:

The product is activated after the whole installation procedure is completed.