How do I install a TestFlight beta app?

This article describes how to install a TestFlight beta app on your iOS device from a provided link.



TestFlight is a tool from Apple which allows beta testers to install and test an application before it is officially released in the app store. This method can also be used to provide time-limited access to a certain application without the need to make it publicly available in the app store.



For installing the TestFlight app, follow these steps:

1. Click on the link you were provided with on the iOS device you want to install the app on. A website with further instructions will open.

TestFlight Website

2. If you have not installed TestFlight yet, follow the instructions of "Step 1 Get TestFlight" to install it on your device. If TestFlight is already installed on your device, continue with the next step.

3. If TestFlight is installed, continue with "Step 2 Join the Beta" and click on the Start Testing button. TestFlight will open.

4. Inside TestFlight, click the Install button next to the app you want to install to start the installation.

Install TestFlight App

5. Once the installation is finished, the app can be opened from inside TestFlight or directly from a short cut on the home screen. Just like any other app on your device.

Open TestFlight App