How can I generate an access code?

This article explains how Experts can create an access code and share it with a guest user who can then join a remote conversation.

Note: To be able to generate an access code, you must be assigned with the app permission Create Guest Access Code

Learn how to manage app permissions in this article.



As an Expert, follow these steps to generate an access code and invite a guest user to your conversation:

1. Navigate to your profile screen by clicking your profile icon in the upper left corner of your main screen.


2. On your profile screen, click on the tab GUEST ACCESS CODES.


3. If you are assigned to more than one Area, you will be asked to select an Area before generating an access code. The selected Area will be assigned to the guest user as well as the incident which is created with this access code.


Note: If you are only assigned to one Area, this step can be skipped. Guest user and guest incident will automatically be assigned to your Area.



4. You can create a new access code for the selected Area by clicking GENERATE NEW ACCESS CODE.


5. Once the new access code has been generated, it will be copied to your clipboard and listed at the top of your Access Code History. If you want to share the access code, you can click the copy icon to copy it to your clipboard.


6. Pass the access code to your guest user via phone, SMS, email or any other tool. As soon as the guest has logged in with the provided access code, the code will be marked as activated in your Access Code History.


You can learn more about your access code history here.


Note: To support your guest user, this article explains guest access from a guest's perspective. Please note that your guest user needs to install the REFLEKT Remote app to be able to insert the access code and join the conversation with you.