How can I export an incident as PDF?

This article explains how to export your incident KPIs and chat messages in a PDF format and share it with other users or software systems.

Note: To be able to generate an incident PDF export, you must be assigned with the app permission Create Incident Export

Learn how to manage app permissions in this article.


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As an Expert, follow the below steps to generate an incident PDF export and share it with other participants of software systems:

1. Navigate to your incident screen and select the incident that you would like to export as PDF.

2. On the incident chat screen, click the three-dots-menu in the upper right corner to access the available incident management options.




3. Select Export incident as PDF to export the KPIs and chat messages of this incident in a PDF format. You will be notified as soon as the PDF generation has been started.



4. Depending on the amount of messages and files exchanged in this incident, the PDF generation can take a few minutes. You will be notified as soon as the PDF generation is complete that the PDF file was saved to your file library.




5. Click on the notification or navigate to your incident files to view the generated incident PDF export. Click on the PDF file in your library to open, remove or send the file to the incident chat.




6a. By selecting Open file, you can view the incident PDF export with any pre-installed PDF viewer. If you do not have a PDF viewer installed on your mobile device, you can share the PDF with any other software system.

6b. By selecting Remove file, you can delete the incident PDF export from your file library if you do not need it anymore or have generated the PDF accidentally.

6c. By selecting Send file to chat, you can add the PDF export to your incident chat and share it with all other chat participants.






The incident PDF export contains two types of information: Incident-related KPIs and your incident's chat history.

Incident-related KPIs




The Incident Overview contains basic information about the incident for identification and documentation purposes.

  • Incident Number, Title, Status, Description and Area
  • Number of Calls, Messages, Files and Images exchanged in this incident
  • Call Duration
  • Timestamps of Incident Creation and Incident Closing

In Incident Participants, incident creator and owner as well as other incident participants are listed with their company name.


Incident Chat History




In addition to incident-related KPIs, the PDF export contains the entire chat history, including chat messages, system events and thumbnails of exchanged image files.