How do I delete a file from an incident chat?

This article explains how to delete a sent file from the history of an incident chat.


NOTE: This feature is not available by default. If this feature is not yet activated on your tenant, please contact your administrator. If you are the administrator, please contact the REFLEKT Remote Service Desk and we will activate this feature for the particular user group.


To permanently delete a previously sent image or video file from the history of an incident chat, follow these steps:

1. Open the incident chat from which you would like to remove the file.

2. Select the file you would like to delete in the chat history.

3. Choose the option 'Delete this file for all users' to delete the file for every user included in the incident chat.


NOTE: For every deleted file in an incident chat, the entry 'This file was deleted' will appear in your chat history as well as the chat history of all incident participants.