How can I accept an audio or video call using a Vuzix device?

This article explains how to accept a call with REFLEKT Remote using a Vuzix (M300, M300XL or M400) device.



If you have smart glasses paired to REFLEKT Remote, you can handle calls through it. To pick up an incoming call, you can either accept it on your hand-held device (except iOS) or the Vuzix directly. For more information about pairing devices, read our article here.




To accept incoming audio or video calls on your Vuzix device, you have two different options depending on the operating system of your hand-held device:


Option 1: Accept on your hand-held device (Android or UWP)

If your hand-held device runs Android or UWP, you are able to accept the incoming call on your device and forward it to your smart glasses.

To do so, follow these steps:

1. Tap the green phone symbol on your hand-held device.

2. Select Accept call with smart glasses.

Android Phone_Accept_call_smart_glasses-1

The call is now established on the Vuzix glasses and the call screen will be displayed.


Option 2: Accept on the Vuzix directly (iOS)

If your hand-held device runs iOS or you want to accept the call without reaching to your hand-held device, you can accept the call on the Vuzix device directly.

Your Vuzix glasses will indicate an incoming call by displaying the call screen with the option to accept the call at the bottom.



To accept the call, press the Select button of the Vuzix, which is the one closest to your ear, or double-tap the swipe pad. (For more info about navigating on Vuzix, read the article here.)

Now the call has been accepted and is controlled via the Vuzix.


To end the call on your Vuzix, select the red phone symbol at the bottom of the Vuzix call screen.