How do I transmit my Host ID to RE'FLEKT?

After installing Cortona Rapid Author, RapidJT and AR Specification Component you will be required to transmit the host ID.



The steps involved are as follows:

1. Launch the License Administrator. To do this, click Windows Start > All Programs > Cortona3D > License Administrator > License Administrator.

2. Click Host ID Information and a new window will pop up.

3. Click Copy to Clipboard.

4. Open a text editor and paste the copied content into a new document.

5. Save the document and send it back to the rollout management or your dedicated RE’FLEKT contact person.



After receiving your host ID, RE’FLEKT will create your specific license key and send it back to you. As soon as you have received the documents, continue by activating the license (see Licensing Procedure – here).