Get Started - General Info about the Author (GitLab) Portal

The following article provides some general information about the REFLEKT ONE Author (GitLab) Portal and gives you an overview of its functionalities.

What is an Author?

Anyone who creates AR content with the REFLEKT ONE Author is called an Author. The authoring account is managed in the REFLEKT ONE Cloud GitLab and will be used to log into the REFLEKT ONE Author to create AR content 

Who creates the author?

REFLEKT ONE Cloud Management will create the authors and give access to corresponding repositories. The author will receive an email invitation for activation and the link to the GitLab Portal.

Which functionalities are available in the Author (GitLab) Portal?

As an author, you can take the following actions but:

as author, you basicly only need to activate your account once via the GitLab Portal. After activation, the account and credentials will be used in REFLEKT ONE Author to connect to your repository where you create AR content.

In addition, you can find information about how to connect to a repository with REFLEKT ONE Author in the following article:

How can I connect/log in to a repository with REFLEKT ONE Author