What are the general functions in REFLEKT ONE Sync (Test & Adapt)?

This article explains the general functions within the Test & Adapt mode in REFLEKT ONE Sync.



The Test & Adapt mode is activated either after creating your config via Guided Config Creation or after loading an already existing config from the menu.

Inside this mode, you can test and modify new or existing tracking configurations.


Sync_Test Adapt




In the Test & Adapt mode you can... 

  • ...import, load and play an Image Sequence / a camera stream in the Visual Input panel on the right.
    Sync_visual input panel
  • ...adjust the tracking parameters in the Basic Parameters panel at the bottom of the screen to improve tracking quality. 
    Sync_adjust parameters
  • ...load, change and save the initial pose in the Initial Pose panel on the right (including set to standard initial pose.) 
    Sync_initial pose panel
  • ...start and test the tracking via the Tracking Controls panel on the left. 
    Sync_test tracking-1
  • ...switch between Debug and Regular mode in the Debug panel on the left. 
    Sync_debug regular mode
  • ...save and export the tested configuration via the buttons in the header bar.
    Sync_save export config
    NOTE: The exported configuration created on mobile devices can be transferred to another PC via Native Sharing (Mail or AirDrop) or via iTunes.
  • ...minimize each panel inside the screen by clicking the minimize icon and move each panel by dragging and dropping. (Exception: Basic Parameter panel) 
  • ...reset the panels to the original position in the settings menu in the top right of the header bar. Click Reset Panels.

    Sync_reset panels

NOTE: By hovering over the i icon at each panel, you get more information about each function.