What is Augmented Reality? Everything You Wanted to Know

What is Augmented Reality? Everything You Wanted to Know

Featuring Exclusive Interviews with the Leaders of the AR Industry


The newly released AR book by Yoni Binstock combines exclusive thought leader interviews with industry information and a collection of valuable resources. RE'FLEKT CEO Wolfgang Stelzle joins the group of AR industry experts sharing first-hand insights and his opinion on the future of Augmented Reality. Check out this exclusive sneak-peek into the book with his interview:

(Wolfgang Stelzle, RE'FLEKT CEO & Founder)

Yoni Binstock: What excites you the most about Augmented Reality?

Wolfgang Stelzle: I’m excited about how augmented reality will disrupt the way we interact with each other as well as we interact with machines and other things. Although it's nothing more than a visualization layer between the virtual and real world, it will change our lives fundamentally.

Yoni Binstock: What do you recommend for people who want to get into the AR field?

Wolfgang Stelzle: Get started. Despite the fact that we live in a 3D world, we are used to reading, writing, and working on a 2D screen. Therefore, we meanwhile know what we have to do to create pleasant user experiences on a 2D screen. For augmented reality, we do not know. We have to come up with new concepts for user interactions, designs, contents, visualizations. We will figure out that some things will work like expected, other things won’t. It'll take time to do so. So, get started to gather your experiences and stay ahead of the game.

Yoni Binstock: What are your predictions for the AR industry and technology in the next 2, 10, and 25 years?

Wolfgang Stelzle: In 2 years we will see augmented reality in almost any enterprise with various use cases. In 10 years we will see smart glasses extending the mobile device ecosystem in the consumer market. In 25 years, traditional mobile devices will be replaced by sophisticated AR devices such as glasses, contact lenses, or holograms.

Yoni Binstock: What do you think will be the positive and negative consequences of living in an augmented reality future?

Wolfgang Stelzle: Positive: With augmented reality, we do not need to search for information anymore. Information is being filtered depending on the situation we're in and the location we're at. It'll make our lives easier in almost any area (education, training, maintenance, collaboration, etc.).

Negative: Our social behavior will be changing significantly. Like smartphones led to the fact that we don't personally talk to each other in the subway anymore, augmented reality will equally impact communicating, interacting, and socializing with other humans. Now, that must not necessarily be a bad thing—I personally think of “change” as a positive thing that keeps me motivated—but some folks will be left behind.

Yoni Binstock: If there’s anything else you’d like to share with my readers about the future of AR, what would you like to say?

Wolfgang Stelzle: I am very much excited about the possibilities with augmented reality and technologies which will be connected to it, such as the Internet of Things or Artificial Intelligence. Although any technology comes with risks, we should focus on the chances, on the positive, on the good, and I'm sure we will enter into a bright future.


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