How to test the app on your device with our free AR demo content

Testing a new tool before introducing it to your established business workflow is crucial. Augmented Reality is no exception. Switching from traditional formats such as handbooks and paper manuals to an interactive guidance solution is a big change for every team member. Encouraging to test new technology in your team decreases reservations towards change and facilitates high user adoption once new technology is implemented.

With REFLEKT ONE Viewer it is now easier than ever before to do exactly that. Test it yourself on a mobile phone or tablet or on the Microsoft HoloLens with our free demo content. Depending on your device you can download the app via:

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If you get stuck, no worries, you can find more information here:
How do I install the REFLEKT ONE Viewer?
Once the app is installed you can get started with our two demo scenarios.

Training with Augmented Reality

According to the World Economic Forum 65% of children entering primary school today will ultimately end up working in completely new job types that don’t yet exist. In addition, industries are facing an extinction of experts as many skilled workers have already or are approaching retirement. This means fast and effective training methods are more important than ever before. With Augmented Reality training becomes more visually engaging and effective as information retention is increased. On the long run AR technology can not only close the gap between outdated training methods but increase worker productivity and efficiency while also reducing error rates.

The training demo in the REFLEKT ONE Viewer app gives you the opportunity to engage with an AR-training scenario yourself and experience the benefits. To test the training demo, follow these steps:

RF_ONE_5 training step 1RF_ONE_5 training step 2RF_ONE_5 training step 3RF_ONE_5 training step 4RF_ONE_5 training step 5

Download the image marker

Maintenance with Augmented Reality

The first step towards effective maintenance processes and high output rates is to keep operations running as smoothly as possible and most important to keep them running as downtime is costly. As a reference, a single minute of downtime in the automotive sector can cost OEMs up to 22,000$. Predictive maintenance aims to prevent errors before they occur, eliminate breakdowns and unnecessary maintenance costs. While IoT tools collect precious operational data and technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence allow precise forecasting. Augmented Reality is the technology that visualizes this data at ground zero – at the worker’s level.
In our maintenance demo in the REFLEKT ONE Viewer you can test a step-by-step guide for the maintenance of a robot arm gripper tool. To test the maintenance demo, follow these steps:


RF ONE_Maintenance step 1RF ONE_Maintenance step 2RF ONE_Maintenance step 3RF ONE_Maintenance step 4


Building AR solutions: Choose your REFLEKT ONE Bundle

Testing the demo scenarios in REFLEKT ONE Viewer gives you a first glimpse at how AR can be utilised in maintenance and training. It’s the best way to get hands on with the product and get an idea of how AR offers a more engaging approach to training the worker as well as simplify complex maintenance procedures. Once tested you can start creating you own AR solutions with the REFLEKT ONE Bundle of your choice.


Our REFLEKT ONE bundles offer AR-solutions for every level of expertise.