Reality Report: Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality

Reality Report: Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality

Don't miss what is happening in Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality! In the last weeks, the technology giants intensified the race for the AR and VR throne. While Apple was on a shopping tour, Amazon, Facebook, and Snap introduced and opened their new platforms. Enjoy reading the latest Reality Report. Merry Christmas


Forbes writer Charlie Fink announced the Kickstarter campaign for his new AR/VR guide called Metaverse. In addition to the printed copy, there's an always updated digital version with a lot of great stuff from well-known contributors. Check it out before December 20.

The race has begun: Apple confirms Shazam acquisition; Snap and Spotify also expressed interest. TechCrunch reported that the deal is in the region of $400M. More on TC.

Apple acquires the VR startup Vrvana for $30M. The Canadian company worked on the Totem headset but never shipped a device. More on TechCrunch.

One more thing: Apple informed about another investment in AR: Finisar, a company vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs), is receiving $390M from Apple's $1B Advanced Manufacturing Fund. The Verge has more.


Google is shutting down Tango to focus on ARCore. Tango was a great idea but the phones fitted with depth sensor cameras aren't that good. We'll see many of the Tango features in new Google services like VPS or Google Lens and of course with ARCore. Business Insider has more...

Amazon launches Sumerian, a new AR/VR development platform. We reported about several activities and patent filings from Amazon in the last month including their AR View app. The platform is the next step and for sure not the last one. VR World has more...

Snap is opening up its AR platform Lens Studio to everyone. It all began with the Spectacles and the dancing AR hotdog. It seems that Snap is putting a lot of effort into Augmented Reality. More on Recode...

Finally! Facebook opens their Camera Effects AR platform for more developers. Introduced in April, it seems that ARKit, ARCore and Snap's activities convinced Facebook that they need developers, users, and content. More on TechCrunch...


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