Reality Report # 10: Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality

Reality Report # 10: Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality

Don't miss what is happening in Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality! In the last weeks, the rumors about Apple and AR glasses have once again come to the surface, Magic Leap has hired the inventor of the Matrix bullet-time technology, and Daqri reported that their founder and CEO Brian Mullins has stepped down. Meanwhile, Amazon and eBay are getting bigger in the AR game and HTC announced to launch a standalone headset for the Asian market. Enjoy reading the latest Reality Report.


Apple is reportedly working on technology for AR glasses. 2020 could be the year of the smart glasses with several companies having smart glasses ready or showing the next generation of their devices. TechCrunch has more:

Magic Leap hired the entertainment tech pioneer John Gaeta, known as the inventor of the bullet-time scenes in the Matrix. Gaeta has been hired as a senior vice president of creative strategy. More on The Verge:

Headset startup Daqri introduced a new CEO: Roy Ashok, their former Chief Product Officer and one of the founders of Vuforia. Daqri founder Brian Mullins stepped down but will continue to serve as an advisor to the company. VentureBeat has more:

Medical startup Touch Surgery raised $20M for Augmented Reality surgery applications lead by US venture capital firm 8VC, a San Francisco fund whose founders invested in Oculus VR before Facebook acquired it.

Augmented Reality startup Torch 3D raised $3,5M from The Venture Fund and other investors. The Portland-based company develops tools for prototyping with AR. More on CrunchBase:


Amazon introduced their app AR View, which lets shoppers preview products in their homes with Augmented Reality. The app is based on ARKit and shows a wide range of products. In its early phase, quality still seems to be lacking when considering the product visualization and the stability of product placements. More on Recode:

Ebay launches computer vision search tools to find items using photos. Image data bases will be important for future AR applications to recognize and find any kind of product by just pointing the camera to it. VentureBeat has more:

HTC announces ‘Vive Focus’ standalone VR headset and confirms that it is only for the Asian market. Plans to bring it to Western markets have been canceled. RoadtoVR has more:

Meta is meanwhile shipping their Augmented Reality glasses Meta 2. Wired writer Peter Rubin tested if he can work with the headset and has reported his findings in an interesting read. More on Wired:

More and more VR applications for the workforce are arriving in the market. Forbes writer Charlie Fink tested many of them and interviewed the people behind the solutions. Forbes has more:

Light field technology startup Avegant showed their latest development in private sessions during the Augmented World Expo. editor Tobias Kammann tested it and reports about his experiences in an interesting blog article. More on


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