Reality Report: Augmented and Mixed Reality

Reality Report: Augmented and Mixed Reality

Google glass gets FCC certification, The US military chooses Microsoft HoloLens, Tesla files Patent For AR Manufacturing System, and retail stores for Augmented Reality glasses - All this and more in the latest edition of our Reality Report.

Major investment deals and AR/VR trends

Silicon Secret with over $50 million in funding launches ‘invisible computing’ AR platform. Mojo Vision launched out of stealth mode last month with an announcement of it’s “invisible computing” AR platform that will deliver hands-free information without mobile devices. The big question of course is what does invisible computing refer to? It might be another name for Natural User Interface (NUI), meaning a system that makes use of a spatial UI that is embedded into our surroundings and that we interact with using our hands. Similar to where Microsoft wants to go with the HoloLens.

Microsoft Wins $480 Million Army Battlefield Contract. A huge indication of AR adoption, the United States military plans to purchase as many as 100,000 HoloLens devices. Keep you eyes out for this as the US Military is likely to heavily modify the HoloLens 1.

YouTube VR Brings its Wealth of Content to Oculus Go. YouTube VR is finally coming to the standalone headset, Oculus Go. The move will give Oculus Go owners access to more than 800,000 experiences all available through the app, for free via Oculus Store.

Amazon-backed wearables company opens its first smart glasses retail stores. In a move that plans to make smart glasses more accessible, Canadian tech company North, formerly Thalmic Labs, has opened two brick & mortar stores selling its Focal Point smart glasses.

$3 million raised for Augmented Reality navigation app for drivers. SF-based company Phiar (pronounced fire) is building an AR navigation app for drivers.

Tesla Files Patent For AR Manufacturing System. It looks like the electric car manufacturer is thinking about creating and in-house AR solution to increase assembly line productivity with a Google Glass-type experience.


Huawei promises AR glasses in 1-2 years. Chinese tech giant Huawei plans to commercialize its own AR glasses over the next 1 to 2 years. The move into AR appears to have been inspired by rumors of Apple’s own AR glasses that are ‘coming soon’.

Sound instead of sight to relay information for new Augmented Reality sunglasses. The Bose corporation better known for their premium audio products has officially announced a consumer release of it’s AR sunglasses - "Frames". With built-in microphone and open-ear headphones the "Frames" allow for interaction with Siri and Google Assistant.

Mass Production of AR Optics. AR optics maker WaveOptics has announced a manufacturing partnership with Goertek, one of the VR industry’s leading manufacturers to enable mass production of AR headsets and parts.

Pokémon GO Maker Niantic Looks to future with smart glasses. The company behind AR's first real gaming hit, Pokémon GO is making moves toward supporting the rapidly growing smartglasses space, giving the company the ability to offer an even more immersive experience for gamers.

Gen 2 Google Glass Enterprise Edition gets FCC certification. The enterprise-focused headset from Google received some tweaks for it’s Gen 2 edition. What’s more revealing is the obvious push Google is making for industry with the sales plan.

New snap spectacles? Rumours are going around again that there is yet another Snap smartglasses to be released.