Reality Report: Augmented and Mixed Reality

Reality Report: Augmented and Mixed Reality

This month the annual Facebook F8 conference takes center stage with plenty of AR and VR announcements - shifting a lot of the attention away from the Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal. Also, Apple numbers are in to show how the tech giant is continuing to grow into what they hope to be the world’s largest AR platform. SpaceX leaves earth in AR and Magic Leap ships its first batch of AR Headsets. All this and more in this month’s Reality Report.


Facebook adds new video messaging functionality to its messenger App. This is a massive leap in the adoption of AR across widely used platforms. Facebook says its development will give companies the ability to send 360-degree photos from an app or camera via the messaging platform – just like a regular photograph. ZDNet has more:

Facebook has also tested its latest target-recognition AR technology with the attendees at their F8 conference. This exciting new tech lets you unlock AR content without having to tap on anything in the camera app… it is still not public but you can check it out here.

Finally, Oculus has announced their latest VR prototype at the F8 conference featuring a staggering 140° field of view. Read more at RoadtoVR:

Apple on course for world’s largest AR platform, thanks to the development of ARKit.  Since launching in September, more than 13 million applications made with ARKit have been downloaded around the world. This move towards AR-led app building shows how important more immersive activities are to modern customers, a trend which seems unlikely to change in the near future: VRScout has more:

Microsoft finally reveals its HoloLens sales numbers as the secretive HoloLens 2 release looms nearer. More on VRFocus: 

Augmented Reality rocket launch with SapceX for an immersive 360 view of their latest launch. Read more on USA Today:


Mozilla’s Firefox Reality web browser is bringing the mass adoption of AR/VR even closer. The browser is being designed for use in conjunction with a wide variety of different platforms and devices for optimum flexibility including standalone AR and VR headsets such as the just-launched Oculus Go. More on RoadtoVR: 

Oculus Go is finally here for only $200 - breaking the final barrier for standalone and affordable VR headsets. But get in early, because they sold out within hours of release. More on VRScout:  

Magic Leap Inc. is sending their first batch of Augmented Reality headsets to a select group of developers eager to try out the new tech. As perhaps the most prominent start-up working on AR, the company has raised some $2.3b to make their headsets come to life. The launch itself is shrouded in a notable layer of security to keep the device away from prying eyes before it’s ready for a larger audience. Bloomberg has more:

Apple sets the foundation for the “next” big thing in personal computing. Could you already be holding the power of future AR-enabled smart glasses in your hand? Read more on FastCompany:

North Star’s upcoming Augmented Reality platform promises to help provide high-tech kit at a more accessible price point, with its open source framework every bit as revolutionary and disruptive as AR has the potential to be.


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