Reality Report #9: Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality

Reality Report #9: Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality

Only one week to go until the Augmented World Expo Europe opens its doors in Munich. More than 100 speakers and 80 exhibitors are expected to showcase their latest AR and VR trends. Besides AWE, my personal highlight for this month has been Google's presentation of the Pixel 2 phone. Mountain View delivered the performance we all expected from Cupertino earlier this month. In the smart glasses league, the light-field company Avegant announced their first development kits. Enjoy reading the latest Reality Report.


Augmented World Expo Europe will open its doors on October 19th at 9 am in Munich. blog has more:

Check out the agenda:

Almost 100 exhibitors will show the latest AR/VR stuff:

Take a look on the speakers:

Discount codes available! We still have some 45% discounts left. Use REFL45 to register for AWE EU.


Google introduced the Pixel 2 phone, gave a preview of the Google Lens visual recognition tool and released their new AR stickers. Android Authority has more:

Avegant ships development kits for light-field display technology. VRFocus has more:

Robert Scoble and Shel Israel launched their first online training for "AR & The Future of Work". Next course will be on November 28th. See what you missed:

Snapchat showed a preview of their AR functionalities with sculptures from Jeff Koons. More on TechCrunch:

Apple Maps is showing the first steps towards AR integration in the iOS 11 maps app. It is just a flyover with annotations, but in the next step (remember Dan Talmon’s video from Apple Store) we might see more location-based content integrated into Maps:


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