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Reality Report #8: Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality

Only one week to go until Apple laun­ches its new iOS with ARKit and the new iPhone, but the news just came in from Google about their own tool: ARCore. It seems like Moun­tain View has realized that ARKit will bring AR to the masses while Google’s Project Tango got stuck with lame phones and no apps avail­able. In other news, HTC has reduced the price of the Vive and Lenovo presented an Augmented Reality lights­aber. Enjoy reading the latest Reality Report.


Google announces ARCore, an AR tool similar to Apple’s ARKit. ARCore comes for appli­ca­tions on regular phones and does not require the depth sensors needed for their previous Tango tech­no­logy.

A quick over­view on ARCore and what is diffe­rent to Tango on The Verge:….

Matt Mies­niks from Super Ventures wrote a detailed compa­rison:…

More details on ARKit will be avail­able during the Apple Special Event on September 12th (10 am PST / 7 pm CET):

Apple’s consumer-first approach with the ARKit will also influ­ence the enter­prise market. More in our article on WeAreAR:

One more piece on ARKit and ARCore: Until now the Micro­soft Holo­Lens has been the star of the past year, the massive reach of Apple and Google will let them shine this year:…

Matter­port raised $5M from Sony Ericsson. The 3D captu­ring specia­list is now at a total funding of $66M according to Crunch­base: More on Tech­Crunch:…

Cisco mentioned AR/VR and Remote Experts as two out of of seven trends in their study “Customer Expe­ri­ence 2020”. More on Cisco:


Lenovo presented a Mixed Reality headset with a lights­aber that turns you into an AR Jedi master. Wired has more:

Magic Leap rese­ar­chers published a paper entitled “Toward Geome­tric Deep SLAM“. The paper describes a tracking system powered by two deep convo­lu­tional neural networks. Road­toVR has more:

HTC drops the price of the Vive by $200 to $599. This might be a reac­tion to Facebook’s pricing stra­tegy with the Oculus Rift still cheaper than the Vive at $499. Tech­Crunch has more:…

Micro­soft filed a patent for an Augmented Reality wand. It seems to be a device to control head­sets with hand gestures. The Verge has more:…


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