Reality Report #8: Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality

Reality Report #8: Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality

Only one week to go until Apple launches its new iOS with ARKit and the new iPhone, but the news just came in from Google about their own tool: ARCore. It seems like Mountain View has realized that ARKit will bring AR to the masses while Google's Project Tango got stuck with lame phones and no apps available. In other news, HTC has reduced the price of the Vive and Lenovo presented an Augmented Reality lightsaber. Enjoy reading the latest Reality Report.


Google announces ARCore, an AR tool similar to Apple's ARKit. ARCore comes for applications on regular phones and does not require the depth sensors needed for their previous Tango technology.

A quick overview on ARCore and what is different to Tango on The Verge.

Matt Miesniks from Super Ventures wrote a detailed comparison.

More details on ARKit will be available during the Apple Special Event on September 12th (10 am PST / 7 pm CET).

Apple's consumer-first approach with the ARKit will also influence the enterprise market. More in our article on WeAreAR.

One more piece on ARKit and ARCore: Until now the Microsoft HoloLens has been the star of the past year, the massive reach of Apple and Google will let them shine this year.


Matterport raised $5M from Sony Ericsson. The 3D capturing specialist is now at a total funding of $66M according to Crunchbase: More on TechCrunch.

Cisco mentioned AR/VR and Remote Experts as two out of of seven trends in their study "Customer Experience 2020". More on Cisco.


Lenovo presented a Mixed Reality headset with a lightsaber that turns you into an AR Jedi master. Wired has more...

Magic Leap researchers published a paper entitled "Toward Geometric Deep SLAM". The paper describes a tracking system powered by two deep convolutional neural networks. RoadtoVR has more...

HTC drops the price of the Vive by $200 to $599. This might be a reaction to Facebook's pricing strategy with the Oculus Rift still cheaper than the Vive at $499. TechCrunch has more...

Microsoft filed a patent for an Augmented Reality wand. It seems to be a device to control headsets with hand gestures. The Verge has more...


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