Reality Report #7: Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality

Reality Report #7: Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality

Google Glass is back! I always had to smile when I said it'll come back. And here it is. But thats not all. Mira has also presented an interesting headset for Mixed Reality with the iPhone and Amazon has filed another AR patent. We have new AR/VR maps from VR Fund and the Top 50 list of AR blogs from Feedspot. Yes, we're on the list! Enjoy reading the latest Reality Report.


The latest startup map in the Augmented Reality sector from The VR Fund and Tipatat Chennavasin shows 60% growth in startups focused on enterprise. More on Venturebeat:

Boeing's venture arm HorizonX invests $3,5M Series A funding in the VR startup C360. The Pittsburgh-based C360 works with a single-camera setup to simplify the production of 360 degree videos. Geekwire has more:

Within, the Virtual Reality studio co-founded by video director Chris Milk has raised $40M in Series B funding led by Temasek and Emerson Collective. Variety has more:

One more report: A new map from The VR Fund shows the growth of the Europan VR scene. From the first report in February to the current one, the number of startups raised from 300 to 487. Venturebeat has more:

Check out the Top 50 list of Augmented Reality blogs and websites. We're proud to be on the list with our WeAreAR blog! More on Feedspot:


Google Glass is back! The 2nd version is called Google Glass Enterprise Edition and focuses on AR support for workers - instead of the consumer market approach from the first version. Wired has more:

Amazon patents at-home Augmented Reality and might use it for virtual stores in the living room. This patent is related to the two patents that were filed in December 2015. More on BizJournals:

We have already reported about Brain-Computer-Interfaces the next interface could be synthetic eyes. Super Ventures partner Tom Emrich would give up his eyes for the technology. IoT Institute has more:

AR startup Mira shows a Mixed Reality headset for the iPhone. The $99 Prism glasses let you use a regular iPhone to display Mixed Reality objects. More on VRScout:

For the first time Snapchat has shown what to do with their World Lens technology. The little dancing hot dog is the first step and might be combined with Snap's geo-based technology soon. AdAge has more: