Reality Report #4: Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality

Reality Report #4: Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality

Each Reality Report I try to cover all the latest monthly Augmented, Mixed and Virtual news. This month was unusual with all the major developments coming all at once last week.  The "Week of Wow!" began with the live streams from Facebook's F8 conference... Two years ago, Mark Zuckerberg said that AR is the platform of the future. Now he showed why. Also, HP is back in the game: the tech dinosaur has invested in the well-known VR Fund. And, as usual, there is no Reality Report without news from Snap - their partner Shazam has confirmed to work on AR. Reports also say that the Vive will get eye-tracking and Google Earth is on the Rift. Get excited and enjoy reading the Reality Report!


Facebook brought out the fireworks for their F8 conference last week. The Camera Effects Platform with the AR Studio for Augmented Reality and Spaces - the new Social VR experience for the Oculus Rift for hanging out virtually with your friends. Also, after Facebook pushed VR with the acquisition of Oculus, Zuckerberg is now also in the AR race.

As there were so many new things we have a couple of links for you:

Spaces on Mashable:

Facebook Spaces Beta Download:

Augmented Reality Summary:

Register for the Camera Effects Beta:

Snap acquires geo-filter patent from Mobli. Filters are very important for Snap's business model especially after Facebook's announcements. TechCrunch has more:

Who are the best Venture Capital firms? Have a look on Forbes' Midas list with their
"100 Best Venture Capitalists In The World". Read more on Forbes:

One of the world's oldest technology companies - Hewlett-Packard - invests in The Virtual Reality Fund. With their new venture arm HP Tech Ventures they are doing the first steps in AR and VR. The VR Fund invested in several early-stage startups in Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality. VentureBeat has more:

The VR startup Pluto VR closed their first financing round led by Maveron with $14M. The two-year old startup develops a platform for multi-user interaction in VR apps. More on PitchBook:

Check out the new AR and VR companies in the accelerator program of BoostVC - tribe 9. My favorite is VRART ;) More in Adam Draper's Medium article:

Ben Evans - partner at Andreessen Horowitz - and well-known for his presentation "Mobile is eating the world" published his thoughts on the first decade of Augmented Reality. Very good read! More on Evans's blog:

More news around investments in tech companies - not only AR and VR - can be found on Crunchbase:


HTC Vive to get eye-tracking and corrective lenses. 7invensun - a startup from HTC's accelerator program - will introduce a development kit for eye-tracking in China. The kit also allows to use corrective lenses with the Vive. Big thing! RoadtoVR has more:

The Smurfs arrive on the Hololens. The new game The Lost Village lets you explore some locations and missions together with your little blue friends. So, will the Smurfs be the new Pokémon? Mashable has more:

Google Earth now with Oculus Rift support and search function. The major update supports the Oculus Touch controllers and lets you search any place by typing in its name. Google Earth users will be happy as it was a challenge to find some places so far. VRScout has more:

The music identifying app Shazam wants to use Augmented Reality. Shazam hired ex-Googler Richard Sharp who did some work on ubiquitous computing at Cambridge University. More on Business Insider:

A note on our own behalf: RE'FLEKT launched the beta of the new DIY storytelling platform REFLEKT 360 for interactive 360° experiences. If you want to test the drag & drop tool and create some experiences sign up here:

VR Focus has more: