Reality Report #3: Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality

Reality Report #3: Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality

Most of the question I've been asked around Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality in the last weeks were around Apple and Magic Leap. Virtual Reality on the other hand seems to be using the pause of breath to prepare the next impact in the film and entertainment sector... and it's all about Mixed Reality. Watch Dan Talmon's video to understand what Apple will soon show. Their AR integration will undoubtably have a huge impact on the new realities. I have also seen some very nice VR experiences in combination with film, which, in addition to Social VR, is one of the convergences that will be the game changer for Virtual Reality. Enjoy reading the Reality Report!


New AR landscape: 6 way to invest in Augmented Reality. Super Ventures created one of the most extensive landscapes I've seen so far. In almost 30 categories the tech experts show a very good overview of the market. VentureBeat's Dean Takahashi has more:

Update on Apple's AR activities: Meanwhile all analysts confirm that Apple's working on Augmented/Mixed Reality. In a Twitter tweet, Dan Talmon showed a video from the Apple store in Berkeley that clearly shows a concept for AR. has more:

The success of AR is not based on technology or hardware prices. It is about the convergence with other technologies, such as IoT, Machine Learning or AI, as we have seen it with mobile and internet in the last years. Find more in a report from Singularity Hub:

Swiss-based Augmented Reality Navigation startup WayRay has closed a $18M Series B funding by Alibaba. WayRay also announced the cooperation with the Alibaba-funded connected cars startup Banma to bring AR to cars. SiliconAngle has more:

The World's largest retailer Wal Mart will launch it's first investment arm - Store No. 8 - to invest in Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, robotics and AI. The venture will be based in the Valley. More on Reuters:

On April 10th Microsoft's Windows 10 Creator's Update arrives. It includes Mixed Reality creation which is currently only available for the Hololens until the Acer googles will be market ready or HTC and Oculus supports Windows Mixed Reality. The Verge has more:

Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey is about to leave Facebook. There is not much information about the reasons but it can be assumed that it relates to what happened in September 2016 when Luckey was in trouble because of his donations to the far-right organization Nimble America. UploadVr has more:


We've already reported about Avegant - the creators of Glyph - in our last report. The startup is reportedly working on display technology for Augmented and Mixed reality glasses using light fields like Magic Leap. More in the hands-on with UploadVR:

Another interesting proof-of-concept was shown from Immy at GDC 2017. Their Neo headset has a 60° degree field-of-view which is more than Hololens. Immy is using OLED projectors for direct retinal projection. Dean Takahashi has more:

Facebook opened up 360° live streaming. You just need one of a handful 360 cameras as the new Gear 360 or the Allie camera. VRScout has more:

AR glasses manufacturer ODG showed the integration of OTOY's light field baking for Unity. Unity users can import ORBX files from Octane Renderer into the game engine to create realistic AR/VR scenes. ODG showed it on the AR glasses:
Upload has more:

Adobe is working on advertising for VR. During Mobile World Congress Adobe showed some demos in a typical theater-style inside a 360° VR environment. Focus is on mobile Virtual Reality for entertainment. Variety has more:

Warner Bros. partners with HTC to create VR content for the film Ready Player One. The book is a very good read about the future of VR in our own reality. Ready Player One will be released in March 2018. More on VRScout:

Mixed Reality will change the way we work and play. A nice example is "Strange beasts". Create your own pets and place them in the real environment. Watch the video and imagine what you could create:

One more time its Apple. The Apple tech mag 9to5 shows a concept for the new iPhone 8 where the speech assistant Siri comes with Augmented Reality. More on 9to5:

Talking about speech recognition: Facebook launched the beta version in English available for the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. With "Hey Oculus" the VR headset listens to your commands. More on VentureBeat: