Reality Report #2: Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality

Reality Report #2: Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality

It's great to see how many new things are popping up in Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality. The hardware suppliers are in full preparation for major events such as Mobile World Congress, GDC, SXSW and many more where Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality are important parts of the show. Magic Leap are struggling to stay out of the headlines after some images were leaked out of their February board meeting. The HTC vs Oculus battle lines have been extended to include the race for mobile VR headsets. And it seems like Hollywood is verging into Silicon Valley territory... in the last years Silicon Valley was "the spot" for AR and VR, but now we are seeing the rapid growth of Los Angeles being driven by the film studios in Hollywood. Enjoy reading the Reality Report!


Breaking News: You can now order Snap's Spectacles for $130 in the US - before there were only available in the Snapbot machines.

Apple CEO Tim Cook believes Augmented Reality is big like smartphones. For Cook it's not a product, it's a core technology. It looks like we can expect more from Apple in the next month, maybe not AR glasses but Tango-like technology in the iPhone.

Magic Leap is acquiring the 3D department of Swiss-based computer vision company Dacuda. After Dacuda employees changed their LinkedIn profiles, the company meanwhile officially confirmed the deal.

Dreamscape Immersive - a startup backed by Steven Spielberg, Warner Brothers and 21st Century - raised $11m to build the first VR storefront in Los Angeles this year. Spielberg and his partners plan to create VR experiences for retail and malls.

More from Los Angeles: UploadVR - the San Francisco-based VR media company founded by Taylor Freeman and Will Mason - opened a 20,000 square meter space in Marina del Rey.

The Social VR Platform AltspaceVR expands its cross-platform support and is available on Google Daydream View. AltspaceVR will also support Android devices even without a VR headset.

Google Earth VR and Dear Angelica have won 2017's Lumiere awards in Hollywood. AR and VR are becoming an important part at the numerous global festivals.

Oh, and Tinder founder Sean Rad is considering Augmented Reality for his dating app. "You can imagine how, with augmented reality, that experience could happen in the room, in real time.", he said in an interview with BBC.


Watch Meta's CEO & founder Meron Gribetz writing e-mails in the Meta 2 glasses. The idea is to transfer our work space into Mixed reality. One step closer to a world where we work in 3D environment instead of 2d screens.

In the last edition we reported about Snap's acquisition of Cimagine. Snap is working on a new version of its lenses product that lets people overlay images onto landscapes in the real world, not just faces.

HTC is working on a Gear VR competitor - a mobile VR headset for the new Android smartphone HTC U Ultra. The market leader for VR headsets is also the manufacturer of the Google Pixel phone.

Not to forget Oculus: the Rift company is building the Hololens for VR. Oculus' mobile headset prototype 'Santa Cruz' is a standalone device with inside-out positional tracking.

Now you can show what you see on the Hololens including yourself. Microsoft's 'Spectator View' lets you view the Hololens wearer and the virtual objects.

Google researchers describe in a blog post how they want to remove the headsets for Virtual and Mixed Reality. That would allow us to see each others face while interacting in virtual spaces.

Magic Leap, Meta and Hololens. The Mixed Reality Race has begun. Robert Scoble compared the rivals in a facebook post in several ways, like by technology, use cases, integration etc.

Last but not least: Pokémon - the most succesful mobile game in history - announced 80 new characters last week. The cold times are over, go outside and catch 'em all.