Reality Report: Augmented, Mixed, Virtual

Reality Report: Augmented, Mixed, Virtual

January has been a busy month for AR & VR - especially with all the news from CES in Las Vegas. Samsung has announced that they are working on AR glasses, many rumors are coming up about Apples's activities in AR and Facebook announced a Vice President for Virtual Reality. Last week I had the chance to test the brand new R8 and R9 glasses from ODG, also the Daydream View I had a deeper look on (more details about that soon here). What I find very interesting is how Snap deals with AR: they acquired an AR startup and I am sure that we will see more AR on the Spectacles soon. Enjoy reading the Reality Report...there is so much to tell.


Breaking news: Augmented World Expo Europe will take place in Munich on October 19th and 20th. More info in the next Reality Report.

Hugo Barra - ex Android and Xiaomi - is joining Facebook as VP Virtual Reality. According to Mark Zuckerberg he will lead all VR efforts and Oculus. More on TechCrunch.

Again Facebook - the lawsuit between Oculus and Zenimax. Facebook has to pay $500 Million. Zenimax claimed that former Zenimax employee John Carmack used code from his former employer. More on Bloomberg.

Snap acquired the Augmented Reality startup Cimagine Media for up to $40 million. Cimagine could support Snap on overlaying the recorded videos and photos with virtual objects. Find more on VentureBeat.

Social VR Platform High Fidelity Secures $22 Million In Funding. Head behind the platform is the founder of Second Life, Philip Rosedale. UploadVR has more...

DigiLens raises $22 million to make ‘eyeglass-thin’ augmented reality displays. The California-based company is working on diffractive optical waveguide technology and nano-materials for AR and VR that could be used for AR displays. More on Venturebear.

The Virtual Reality Fund released an updated landscape for AR in the Industry. The Silicon Valley-based fund shows the most important players for SDK's, Enterprise AR, education etc. Read more on VentureBeat.


Apple and Zeiss? Since CES in Las Vegas there is that rumor. Watch the debate on CNBC with Apple analyst Gene Munster and Upload VR entrepreneur-in-residence Robert Scoble. More on CNBC.

Samsung is working on new devices: a new Gear VR will be presented in a short time, the other device will be AR glasses like Hololens and Magic Leap using light field technology. Samsung sees better business development opportunities in AR compared to VR. The Verge has more...

ODG presented their new AR glasses R8 ($1,000) and R9 ($1,800) at CES. Field-of-view is 40 and 50 degrees. I've tested them and they are very light and with a sharp display. They have inside-out tracking similar to the Hololens. Focus is consumer market, R8 will ship soon. Find more on Road to VR.

Asus' Zenfone AR is the second Google Tango phone. After the Lenovo Phab 2, Asus adds depth sensor for 3D mapping on a mobile phone. Meanwhile Huawei informed that they will make the Mate Tango-ready in the next generation. More on The Verge.

Akonia Holographics, based in Colorado, is working on volume holographic reflective and waveguide optics for transparent display elements in smart glasses. Read more at