New ARKit & ARCore app shows the future of Augmented Reality Support

New ARKit & ARCore app shows the future of Augmented Reality Support

The brand new "Augmented Repair" app lets smartphone and tablet users experience Augmented Reality support with ARKit, ARCore and our Enterprise AR Suite. Available for iOS and Android, the app guides the user through a coffee machine repair without any additional manuals or expert knowledge. Experience the fusion of content automation and remote collaboration, as well as ARKit and ARCore integration. Now anyone can benefit from AR powered user manuals and work instructions - all on their smartphone.

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Everyone knows the situation: you want to build or repair something, but first, you need to search for the manual and then for the right information. If you manage to make it past this step, it is likely that the manual instructions are not clear, or you simply don't have the patience to read through hundreds of printed pages to get the job done.

Many enterprises are already realizing the benefits of AR instructions for their employees and customers and have created their own AR instructional applications. Unfortunately, most of these enterprise apps are not public, need specific hardware or the physical object itself - a machine, car or specific product... making it impossible to test out. This is why we have built our own AR Demo Kit app. We want to show how to make building, operating or maintaining a product - and even of complex machinery - as easy as using a simple kitchen appliance.

The Augmented Repair app guides you through the repair of a coffee machine. It's a standalone app based on ARKit and ARCore - so you don't need any additional markers or objects. Using the AR toolkits from Apple and Google, we can now showcase the benefits of our own AR platforms anywhere. In three parts, we demonstrate how AR can support your daily work and life.



In the first part, the app helps you find the right environment to place your 3D coffee machine into the real world - it could be your kitchen table or even your work desk. Both ARKit and ARCore have great solutions for detecting the environment (e.g. a table or a desk with objects on it). But since most people are not interested in whats under the hood, our app jumps straight to placing the coffee machine into the real world. Just choose your coffee and see what happens.


It happens to all of us - just when you need a machine to doesn't. No, there is no longer the need to search for the user manual. Just tap on "Get Assistance" and our remote expert Elias will guide you through some checks with the machine. Follow his advice and try to solve the problem. Elias's assistance is an example of how we create remote collaboration with our REFLEKT REMOTE tool. A great tool to empower any employee and customer to fix problems on their own.


In the third part, the app guides you through an AR powered manual to solve the problem. One step closer to your coffee. The interactive manual takes you through the step-by-step repair process. Everything you need to know is shown with Augmented Reality directly onto the machine. Complicated tasks quickly lose their difficulty as soon as you have an understandable guide. Just as pilots have their checklists to avoid mistakes - we let you create your own step-by-step instructions for enterprise with the content creation platform REFLEKT ONE.

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Enjoy your coffee, you deserve it! You repaired the coffee machine without being a technician and without ever looking into a user manual. Well, this is what we meant with making support as easy as using a simple kitchen appliance. We have more examples from some of our customers including Mercedes-Benz, Bosch or Leybold - who all use our Enterprise AR Suite to build AR experiences.