Interview: CEO Wolfgang Stelzle on how RE'FLEKT adapts in challenging times

Interview: CEO Wolfgang Stelzle on how RE'FLEKT adapts in challenging times

The entire RE'FLEKT team is currently working from home in line with the recommended measures to handle the COVID-19 outbreak. As for any other business these are also unusual circumstances for us. However, our way of working is the usual one: Remote Collaboration. Many questions have reached us around how exactly RE'FLEKT is continuing to work internally as well as externally with customers and partners during these challenging times. We have passed on the top 3 questions to RE'FLEKT CEO Wolfgang Stelzle who answers them here:

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RE'FLEKT Head Quarters in Munich, Germany

1. How is RE'FLEKT adapting to the current situation?

WOLFGANG STELZLE: "First and foremost, our priority is the health and wellbeing of our employees, customers, partners and their respective families and communities. Over the past few days we have taken many steps to enable us to continue developing and delivering solutions that provide on-demand access to expert knowledge. As a start-up we are used to agile, fast-changing environments, taking ownership in challenging situations and working with online collaboration tools. Thus, we could luckily switch to remote work fairly quickly, so that we can continue serving our customers."

2. What do you see as the main business challenge RE'FLEKT is facing at the moment?

STELZLE: "Many of our customers are heavily affected by this crisis. They have to shut down production lines, trigger short-time work and stop investments. How long this situation will last… I think no one can tell. All this impacts our business as well of course. However, there’s now an opportunity for our customers. They can create digital and augmented work instructions with our software products and become more independent from personal meetings, travel requirements and other currently challenging factors."

3. How do you plan ahead in these uncertain times?

STELZLE: "We have a super motivated and supportive team, which masters the challenges extraordinarily well. We are really thankful for that, since it makes it much easier to navigate through these uncertain times together. Of course we monitor the situation on a daily basis and try to adapt fast. Right now, we’re in the midst of creating some special offerings to support our community in the crisis. An update will follow soon."



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