Hyperloop Augmented Reality Wall

At the Natrans-Arabia 2015 Trade Fair in Abu Dhabi, in conjunc­tion with Ahlborn and COO Bibop G. Gresta, we were proud to unveil the premiere of the Augmented Reality Wall for Hyper­loop. Inter­ac­tive, visual, and fasci­na­ting: viewers had the chance to explore the Hyper­loop project via 3D simu­la­tion, with panor­amic lenses and vivid anima­tions. Here are some of the first detailed impres­sions; more details and videos will follow soon.


The Hyper­loop project is without a doubt one of the most exci­ting projects of our time-innovative and certainly disrup­tive. Early belie­vers in the project as well as the media follo­wing the last few days were finally rewarded with news that this mere vision had trans­formed to reality: Hyper­loop Trans­por­ta­tion Tech­no­lo­gies will begin the construc­tion of the first test track in Quay Valley, Cali­fornia.

Hyperloop Augmented Reality Wall

The more disrup­tive a tech­no­logy, the better it is to declare it as such. At the same time, the fasci­na­tion and passion for the lives involved in Hyper­loop is also an exci­ting story in itself. The AR app for the Augmented Reality Wall provides this infor­ma­tion in an inter­ac­tive and enga­ging way-the user becomes an active parti­ci­pant in this concept instead of a passive spec­tator. We created four diffe­rent scen­a­rios on the app: start, infor­ma­tion, explore, confi­gu­rator. The app grows and deve­lops as Hyper­loop does-new content is created with each new step.



The ‘start’ scene on the left allows the visitor to peer inside the vaccum tube-after a few seconds, the Hyper­loop capsule emerges from the wall and can be viewed up close. In ‘3D Explorer,’ we simu­late the route from Los Angeles to San Fran­cisco. The viewer sees the Hyper­loop glide through the tubes, while in the back­ground, a plane hovers over­head and a highway is on the horizon. The 3D anima­tion explains the workings of the vaccum system to show the improved travel times of the trans­port methods compared.

Hyperloop AR App Hyperloop Augmented Reality App

Inside the ‘infor­ma­tion’ case, the user can see through the virtual POIs on the AR Wall, ‘float’ and select a topic. To help the user find out addi­tional infor­ma­tion on how the Hyper­loop operates, there are anima­tions, videos, and details of the vacuum system-such as real simu­la­tion data from pump supplier and world’s most inno­va­tive vacuum company Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum-as well as inno­va­tive solu­tions for energy and secu­rity.

Hyperloop AR App Hyperloop Augmented Reality App

The ‘confi­gu­rator’ shows the system of pillars, pipes and solar panels in 3D. As soon as the user moves through the tube, the capsule-which can be viewed by zooming arbi­tra­rily using rota­ting gestures-appears from every angle. When you click on ‘Inte­rior,’ you suddenly find yourself in the comfor­table Busi­ness Class capsule with 28 other people.

Hyperloop AR App Hyperloop Augmented Reality App

In addi­tion to the commen­ting and rating func­tion of the app, the user is able to share content directly on Twitter. In fact, users had the ability to post photos of them­selves in AR mode with the Hyper­loop, which proved to be an resoun­ding hit in Abu Dhabi.

Hyperloop Augmented Reality Bibop G. Gresta

We presented the Augmented Reality Wall with the Hyper­loop team in Abu Dhabi, and it’s already on the road again bound for Africa. It will seek out other lands before reaching its home in the show­room of Hyper­loop Trans­por­ta­tion Tech­no­lo­gies in Los Angeles, Cali­fornia.

In the mean­time, we’ll use the great user feed­back we received to enhance the content and user story so we can continue to improve. Stay tuned for the debut of the AR Wall in Europe, which is coming soon. Check back for updates in the next blog post.


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