How AR can transform the Wind Energy Industry

How AR can transform the Wind Energy Industry

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energies has partnered with RE’FLEKT to optimize the inspections of wind turbines offshore using Augmented Reality and Machine Learning on Microsoft HoloLens 2.

The nacelle is the heart of every wind turbine. This multi-story power house is also where the final quality inspection of every turbine takes place before the handover to customers.
Augmented Reality allows technicians to conduct these inspections with an AR-application that can assess, evaluate and document the entire nacelle. The innovative approach significantly shortens inspection times and offers a new dimension of reporting offshore inspection results - with REFLEKT ONE technology.

Siemens Gamesa_team photo_wind turbine
Siemens Gamesa and RE'FLEKT team members at a wind turbine factory in Cuxhaven, Germany.

Siemens Gamesa is the global leader in offshore power generation providing state-of-the-art technologies that help customers develop and service offshore wind power plants. For offshore projects alone Siemens Gamesa is conducting more than 5000 different inspections in factories, pre-assembly harbours and offshore yearly.

Piotr Lisiecki, Project Quality Manager at Siemens Gamesa explains: "Inspections are playing a major role in our quality assurance process, they are allowing us to demonstrate to our customers that we are delivering high quality wind parks. We are focusing our efforts on improving the customer experience and satisfaction, by providing a fully customized AR solution developed together with RE'FLEKT." 

Siemens Gamesa_wind turbines in Esbjerg

RE'FLEKT team members in front of a wind turbine nacelle.

The Wind Energy Industry

Wind power is a major force in the global transformation to renewable energies and combatting climate change. In 2019 the global wind power capacity increased by 60.4 GW which is a 19% increase compared to installations in the previous year. While most wind turbines are located onshore, wind parks offshore have gained relevance in recent years and made up a record 10% of new turbine installations in 2019 compared to 4% in 2018.

The growing offshore market enters new regions every year providing clean energy and new jobs to thousands of people. As market leader Siemens Gamesa is providing cutting edge solutions on the market and now stepping into Augmented Reality with leading AR technology from RE’FLEKT

Key benefits of AR in wind turbine inspections:

  • Time savings
  • Easy inspection process
  • Increased transparency of inspection results

Watch this space for more details coming soon.



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