5 Key Benefits of the REFLEKT Remote free trial

5 Key Benefits of the REFLEKT Remote free trial

The easiest way to test Remote Support with AR in your business

Lack of skilled workers, unexpected downtime, complex machinery, fast-paced innovation - the struggles are the same across industries. Remote Collaboration with Augmented Reality tackles these challenges across the verticals of automotive, machining, energy & utility and chemical.

You can now easily explore the full potential of AR-powered Remote Support for your business in just two weeks - with the free trial of REFLEKT Remote. In this post you will learn about the 5 key benefits of the trial and why it has never been easier to explore the full potential of Remote Support with AR.



1. Full Feature Access: Explore AR-based Remote Collaboration without limits 

Our free trial is nothing less and nothing more than the full REFLEKT Remote application. During your 30-day trial period you have access to the entire feature set of REFLEKT Remote. You can test it on Android, iOS or Windows devices as well as smart glasses wherever you like. Once set up, your technicians can contact the dedicated expert via live video call and benefit from “see-what-I-see" technical support as the expert can provide guidance in the same way as on site. Both can place AR annotations directly where they are needed by drawing augmented instructions in context onto the real object. Plus, there are many more features to explore.


2. Maximum outcome: Challenge the feasibility of your use case

During the trial period you can test in your specific use case how expert advice available on demand empowers your technicians 
to solve issues faster and with less errors. REFLEKT Remote can be tested on site, in the field or wherever your technicians need instant access to expert advice. An example from the automotive sector is Hella Gutmann Solutions using REFLEKT Remote in their service centers to support mechanics during the maintenance of modern vehicle electronics. In a scenario like this you can set up your service center experts as well as the technicians in the workshop with REFLEKT Remote and let them test it for their communication. 


3. Low entry: Start testing on Day 1 of your REFLEKT Remote trial

At RE’FLEKT we are reducing the hurdles of starting your trial period to a minimum. For the REFLEKT Remote trial we don’t need your credit card or any other billing details. To get you started we simply need you to... 

  • Provide us with your name and company email address 
  • Download the app from the app store 
  • Check out our tutorials and resources

4. No obligation: Choose yourself what's next after your trial

With the REFLEKT Remote trial you are not signing up for anything. We give you two weeks to test our solution and you can then decide where to go from there. As we are not taking any payment details from you there is no automatic extension of your trial. Plus, if you change your mind even before the trial ends, just let us know.


5. Expert advice: Talk to the RE’FLEKT team to get the most out of your trial

Whether you are using AR-based Remote Support for the first time or have gained experience with other tools in the past, our team is happy to support you and get you on the right track for your trial. We can help you choose the right use case, define goals and give advice on how to brief your team before getting started. In addition, we will answer all your questions around REFLEKT Remote once you’re testing it in your chosen use case.

In a nutshell, choosing the REFLEKT Remote trial gives you the opportunity to test a leading Remote Collaboration tool and benefit from access to the full feature set in your chosen use case with no obligation. Once set up you can start testing straight away. The RE'FLEKT team will provide the support and advice you need throughout your trial and beyond.

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