Cake Baking vs. AR App Creation: Is there a difference?

Cake Baking vs. AR App Creation: Is there a difference?

There’s more than one way to make a cake, and the same applies to AR content creation – it is all about the key ingredients and the skills you have...


AR applications: Develop in-house or buy off-the shelf?


Every enterprise that wants to create AR content to improve their operations, maintenance or training faces the initial question of “Do we develop our own AR application, or do we pay an agency to build one for us? 

Some large corporations with internal development teams inevitably turn to develop the software in-house. Smaller businesses without the same resources conclude that they must purchase a pre-built application - and are left to hope it fits their needs. If you decided to go for the first option, you will most likely turn to Unity - the leading development game engine for building AR experiences and deploying across mobile and wearable devices. Originally exclusive to Mac OS, Unity has evolved to supporting over 25 platforms and has become the industry standard beyond video gaming for high-level creation of 3D experiences.

Does this mean the leading technology is only accessible to businesses with their own development resources and in-house expertise? Or could there be a third option to the initial question? 


The cake baking dilemma


Before we dive into the details, let’s look at an example from outside the AR world. It’s your friend’s birthday and you want to organize a cake for their birthday party. You would really like to bring a home-made cake, but you don’t know anything about baking and have never baked a cake before. Simply buying a cake from the supermarket doesn’t seem like a viable option as they are usually not that great quality and do not represent the personal effort you would like to show (plus – who knows what is inside).


Creating your own AR content is no different. In the same way that you might not be a star baker with the right skill set to bake your own cake from scratch, not every business has the expertise and resources to develop AR applications. In other words, it is simple to purchase Unity (aka – your cake ingredients), but you will also need skilled developers and designers to take advantage of such powerful software.  

Back to our cake baking dilemma. For your friend's birthday, why not enjoy the best of both worlds and buy a cake mix? It contains all key ingredients and even comes with simple instructions on how to bake your own cake in just a few steps. All you need to add to the cake mix is some milk, an egg and the cake is ready to bake. You can also add extra chocolate chips to the dough and make the cake uniquely yours.



Advanced AR technology made accessible for any business


The same applies to creating AR applications for your business. Why not take the cake mix of AR content creation that gives you all the ‘key ingredients’ for AR authoring and publishing at hand? All you need to add into the mix is your existing CAD data and 3D content. From there you can create engaging step-by-step instructions or visualize product components in your own AR applications without getting a developer involved. Once your content is created, you can then deliver your AR content easily to the workforce on mobile and smart glasses including iOS, Android and Windows systems.


With REFLEKT ONE Essentials you have your AR content creation cake mix. Since the AR content creation platform has Unity under the hood, it includes the highest standard of AR technology at its core. What’s more, it is merged with added features such as model-based tracking so that you can augment digital information onto your industrial machines or technical objects in your work environment. This way REFLEKT ONE brings together leading AR technology and makes it enterprise-ready, allowing your business to build AR applications without programming skills.


Finally, for the first time in Enterprise AR you can have your cake and eat it, too!


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