AWE EU 2018 - Ground Zero for the XR Revolution

AWE EU 2018 - Ground Zero for the XR Revolution

 "Go XR or go home!" was the bold opening statement from Executive and Founder of AWE Ori Inbar to kick off the third annual edition of Augmented World Expo EU in the European heartland of industry - Munich, Germany. And it seems like the American Entrepreneur/Investor has quite a point as his flagship AR/VR/XR event has apparently found a sweet spot for the most innovative global industrial players.


For those who have followed the rollercoaster ride of AWE in both the US and Europe, it is clear to see that the event has drastically grown in size - from 1 to 3 massive halls in the Santa Clara Convention Centre and all 4 halls of the MOC in Munich. But that's not all, the show has also gotten a whole lot more serious as the XR market matures in the industrial sectors. If we look back a couple of years to the birth of the EU version of the show when it was still in Berlin, there was still a strong vibe of AR and VR conceptual thinking and prototype demos in hallways filled with tiny startup booths. Today the show floor is covered with working business solutions from established XR companies with real customers.

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Just as the show floor has evolved, so too have the attendees. It is no longer predominantly a show for enthusiasts of bleeding edge technology but a gathering point of the worlds largest industrial players who are all shopping for innovative solutions to improve their business. It is no wonder Ori choose Munich with giants such as BMW, MAN Trucks, The Linde group, Siemens, BSH and many more all calling the Bavarian capital home. 

The development of AWE also clearly indicates that between AR and VR, the industry is clearly turning to AR to solve real-world problems now. A quick glance at the show floor quickly clarifies this focus on enterprise AR. A few years ago Virtual Reality was the big hype and main attraction. However, as VR continues to find its place in the business environment, AR and MR have flourished with huge international rollouts (such as Daimlers MB assist app) that have substantial benefits and ROI for business cases. Whether Remote AR collaboration tools or AR content creation platforms, AWE is now filled with serious technology companies pitching their solutions and industrial attendees shopping for the best match.

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This is massive news for the XR community as it proves to the longtime believers that we have not only passed the acceptance phase of this new and exciting technology, but the adoption phase has begun. As business continue to pickup and use the technology to solve problems in day to day work environments, this adoption will continue to grow to the point that we see AR in our daily lives. The time of XR is now, and AWE has undoubtedly become a ground zero as industrial players show up in force to adopt early for fear of being left behind. So Ori Inbar clearly had quite a point... Go XR or go home!

Check out some of our favorite AWE EU highlights below:

Augmented Reality By Bosch

Multinational engineering and electronics giant Bosch presented it’s award-winning AR solution for the automotive industry. Developed to reduce effort and time for automotive service technicians, Bosch's service training with Augmented Reality generates VIN specific wiring diagrams that allow vehicle technicians to diagnose and repair vehicles by presenting all the relevant repair information in front of the technician in a hands-free manner (when used with smart glasses such as the Microsoft Hololens).

Commercial Vuzix Blade® Smart Glasses shipping soon



International supplier of wearable display technology Vuzix announced plans to launch the commercial edition of its popular Vuzix Blade® Smart Glasses. The retail version will ship early November and will allow customers to take full advantage of communication links between iOS and Android devices. All thanks to the commercial version of it’s included software developer kit (Blade Edge SDK version 5). Features such as email, messages, and media player support will all be included. Also, Vuzix were the proud winners of this years Auggie Award for the Best in Show category. Well done Vuzix

Extensive Augmented Reality network sets the global standard for enterprise


Built on it’s leading REFLEKT ONE Enterprise AR ecosystem. RE'FLEKT unveiled the vast network of collaboration partners already utilizing this new enterprise standard to expand their own operations with Augmented Reality in the fields of Predictive Maintenance, Internet of Things, Cloud Services as well as new opportunities in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain and more. This network opens up workforces to utilize visual guidance powered by AR as an out-of-box integration to improve day-to-day tasks across all business sectors.

Forbes writer and Metaverse Author Charlie Fink makes a celebrity appearance at the AWE EU

IMG_0354 Booth_Ch-1 Image from iOS (1)
Futurist and author Charlie Fink delivered technical insights and predictions into the future of Mixed Reality with a keynote based off his AR-enabled book Metaverse, A continuously updated, AR-enabled guide to VR & AR. What's more, Charlie hit up the show floor where he handed out signed copies of his Metaverse book to AWE EU attendees.

VIOND Only Virtual Reality platform at AWE

Virtual Reality startup Viond whose platform allows for enterprises to integrate interactive 360°/VR experiences into their business garnered much interest. By removing the need for programming knowledge Viond is allowing companies of all sizes to create their own interactive 360° experiences viewable on Android, IOS and Oculus platforms. A great segue for the potential of Virtual Reality in an AR populated market at AWE EU