AWE EU 2016

Silicon Valley comes to Berlin: Augmented World Expo Europe

Germany is the Euro­pean Augmented and Virtual Reality hot spot. Why? After seven succesful years in the Silicon Valley, the most known AR/VR show “Augmented World Expo” (AWE) is coming to Europe: on 18th and 19th October in Berlin. This is a signi­fi­cant deci­sion that shows the impor­t­ance of the German tech industry.

Augmented World Expo Europe

From the begin­ning of the AR journey, the German industry – espe­ci­ally the Auto­mo­tive area – was the driver. One of the AR pioneers. Metaio, was acquired by Apple last year. In Munich there are several AR and VR startups, events and meet-ups. The tech scene in Berlin is growing rapidly crea­ting a lot of aware­ness in the world­wide commu­nity. Many more cities like Hamburg and Cologne are driving the deve­lop­ment of the tech busi­ness.


You want to meet the leading AR and VR experts? Inte­rested in testing the latest devices and expe­ri­ences? All of that in the heart of Berlin? Well, then it’s time to register a ticket for the AWE with our discount codes. Save 55% with the RE’FLEKT VIP codes (AWEREFLEKT) and get it now.

More than 50 exhi­bi­tors and around 1.500 atten­dees are expected to join th AWE on October 18th and 19th. The speaker panel is showing a great mix of Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality. On top you have the chance for networ­king with the inter­na­tional AR/VR commu­nity. Watch the video from AWE USA 2016 to see some impres­sions.

Honestly, we are very proud to have the AWE in Berlin. As RE’FLEKT we support the foun­ders Ori Inbar and Tom Emrich to create a succesul confe­rence. They had many oppor­tu­nities in Europe: London, Paris, Barce­lona or Amsterdam. They decided to come to Germany. Thanks you, guys!

For our German readers, we can recom­mend the latest VRODO Talk – this episode is about the German AR market and in the inter­view I am talking in detail about the AWE Europe.

Conference Overview
  • 2-days
  • 1500 atten­dees expected
  • 50 speakers
  • 50 exhi­bi­tors
  • Parti­ci­pa­ting compa­nies include: RE’FLEKT, Bosch, ARtoolkit, TWNKLS, Innovation.Rocks, Vivid­Works, Unity, Wikitude, Optin­vent, Vuzix, Epson, Gartner, GlassUp, Catchoom, DAQRI, Soft­ki­netic, PTC Vuforia, Inglobe Media, ABI Rese­arch, SMI, Booz Allen, Holo­builder, Loook, Ubimax, Gleechi, Gestigon and more
  • Regular all access pass €895

Confe­rence Topics

  • AR in Auto­mo­tive and Aero­space
  • AR’s impact on Healt­h­care and Sports
  • AR and VR in Educa­tion and Trai­ning
  • Ente­prise and Indus­trial AR Solu­tions
  • AR & VR Gaming and Enter­tain­ment
  • AR Best Prac­tices for Adver­ti­sing and Brand Enga­ge­ment
  • AR for Archi­tec­ture, Smart Cities and IoT
  • Leading AR and VR Tools and Tech Tuto­rials
  • The AR and VR Market Oppor­tu­nity and Investor Panel

Agenda High­lights

  • Keynote speakers Sci-Fi author Bruce Ster­ling and Founder and Director of IRIS media, Wolf Siegert.
  • Startup pitches by VRCHIVE, Anyline, Augment and more
  • AR in Auto­mo­tive Panel
  • The AR & Market Oppor­tu­nity with Super Ventures, Gartner, and ABI Rese­arch
  • Deve­l­oper work­shops for Vuforia, Unity, Wikitude SDKs and more
  • A smart­glasses panel discus­sion with Vuzix, Optin­vent, GlassUp, and Epson
  • Talks on Eye-tracking and natural user inter­ac­tion with SMI, Gleechi and Gestigon

Looking forward to meet you at AWE in October.

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