Author: Dr. Martina Reiter

Already during her PhD in natural science at the Technical University Munich, Martina Reiter was working as trainer for laboratory courses. After she finished her doctoral thesis, she founded a biotechnology start-up company to offer lab trainings and services together with her doctoral advisor. The last 12 years Martina Reiter was working as training and project manager in life science and medical device industry.

Mixed Reality for Healthcare: Experiences from a Training Perspective

Mention trai­ning in medical educa­tion and most people picture class­room courses or e-learning semi­nars. But trai­ning should be more: it should be a learning concept that attracts parti­ci­pants to remember what they have spent the time to learn whilst provi­ding the trai­ners with and effi­cient way to teach. Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality’s bring  new possi­bi­li­ties to attract students to learn, and to provide infor­ma­tion to the trai­ners and orga­ni­zers. This will help to increase the quality of trai­nings in the future. Continue reading Mixed Reality for Healt­h­care: Expe­ri­ences from a Trai­ning Perspec­tive