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CLIENT: Hubert Haupt Immobilien


TASK | For the marketing of building sections 2 and 3 of the revolutionary building complex "NU Office" Augmented Reality should be used as a key technology in different media.


« Present your future real estate project in 3-D even before construction begins. Your customers can interact with the coming project in their natural environment »


SOLUTION | The prospectus for the project was enriched with a variety of Augmented Reality features. Right on page 1, the reader sees a foreword by owner Hubert Haupt in form of a superimposed video.


The highlight of the application for iPhone and iPad is a virtual 3-D model of the entire building complex positioned on the center fold of the brochure. This goes far beyond a simple 3-D view: The roof of the building can be “removed” or various room configurations can be selected. The technical details can be visualized by a vertical cross section of the building illustrated with sound effects.


The surroundings of the property are visible through an interactive Augmented Reality 3-D city map, which allows the prospective receive detailed information about local transport and distance to important places in the vicinity. Furthermore, the signboard in front of the HHI (Hubert Haupt Immobilien) offices is overlaid with a compelling Augmented Reality animation.


This package of Augmented Reality features allows the user to “dive” into the unfinished building and is a powerful tool for sales and marketing.




HUBERT HAUPT IMMOBILIEN  - AUGMENTED REALITY AS A MARKETING TOOL FOR REAL ESTATE ı Interaction with the coming project in their natural environment



'  Augmented Reality (consultation, development, programming and
  implementation of an application for iOS)
' Screen design/Interface design
' 3D-modeling


Architecture by Falk von Tettenborn Architekten & Innenarchitekten

Humboldt Media Business School 
Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart  Humboldt Universität zu Berlin